At Guildhall Walk Healthcare Centre, we aim provide a student friendly service to those studying or staying in Portsmouth. We understand that when starting University there is a lot to think about and arrange, but it is really important to register with a GP surgery in Portsmouth.


To help you, we aim to ensure that the service we provide is flexible towards student life and that is quick and easy to register with us:

  • We are the only surgery in Portsmouth open 7 days a week with a range of flexible appointments and services.
  • We also understand as student there is a struggle to commit to a specific time slot due to your timetabled arrangements, so we provide a Walk-in service where you are free to come in at a time that is beneficial to you.
  • We are located directly in the centre of Portsmouth within close distance to the University buildings. We are directly opposite James Watson Halls of Residence and within walking distance from Portsmouth & Southsea train station.
  • Our registration process is quick, simple and easy. You can register simply by completing a form online and you will be invited to the surgery for a brief health check. Alternatively, you can attend the surgery and complete a handwritten registration form and submit it to our Reception team.
  • As a student, we appreciate that there will be times in the year when you will be living away from Portsmouth. You can even request repeat medication online and arrange for your prescription to be sent electronically to your local pharmacy.
  • At Guildhall Walk we are proud to employ students as part of our Reception Team. This means that you will be engaging with staff who understand student life and going through similar life experiences to your own.


This map highlights where Guildhall Walk Healthcare Centre is situated within the University area:

  1. James Watson Halls Residence
  2. Eldon Building
  3. Student Union
  4. University of Portsmouth Library
  5. Trafalgar Halls Residence
  6. Park Building
  7. King Henry
  8. Anglesea
  9. Student Gym
  10. Harry Law & Reece Halls Residence

We look forward to meeting you at ‘Freshers Fayre’ – come and find us!


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